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If you want classic elegant start to your event, the Flair Mobile Bars ‘Champagne Reception’ is the perfect solution.  As they arrive your guests will be greeted with an elegant table filled with glasses of your favourite champagne.

In order to add variety to your champagne reception we can provide a number of different tasting champagnes to suit a variety of palates. Or for something just a little bit different we can even serve our unique Mint Strawberry Bellini served with a juicy strawberry perched on each glass to enhance its visual impact and add that extra touch of elegance. Get a quote

We stock an extensive range of illuminated and themed mobile bars supplying party planners and event organisers. The party bars are perfect for indoor and outdoor private cocktail parties, corporate events and weddings. The mobile bars are completely portable which allow our clients the option to install a mobile cocktail bar just about any place they desire

Champagne Reception

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