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The Flair staff are highly trained and experienced and are always smart and well presented. We know how to give an excellent levels of service while being fun and vibrant. We try to consisitently exceed expectations with our attention to detail and dedication to going beyond service.  We try to make a difference to your event or celebration by providing a uniquely professional and stylish bar service. We have a wealth of skilled mixologists and Bartenders who can to entertain your guests. Whatever your occasion and whatever the size of your event,  Flair Mobile Bar staff will provide a hassle free service and a memorable time for your guests.

Flair Bar Team

All of us at Flair Cocktail Bars have a passion for what we do which can be summed up a ‘giving perfect service’. We love to see peopl enjoying themselves and what we do is a key part of your event or celebration. We know how important it is to get it perfect and we work hard to do just that.

Flair Mixologists

Our Mixologists are highly trained and are experienced in making great and innovative cocktails along with a vibrant service. Mint Mixologists are there to cater to all your guests with a range of exciting drinks to give a really great experience. Once you have chosen a selection of cocktails for your menu it doesn’t stop there! We are able to put together all sorts of new flavours and mixing bespoke drinks to your guests tastes. Just tell us what you like and leave it to the ‘Mint Mixologists’.

Flair Bartenders

If you really want a mobile bar to stand out and gives your guests great entertainment as well as great service, then why not have some of our flair bartenders performing at your event. It;s and exciting smooth service combined with bottle throwing routines to add wow factor to any event. Good flair bartending is an an art and the ‘Flair Bartenders’ will make your event something to remember.

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